Small group classes for ages 12 month and up.


This is a 30-minute class, caregiver-child with a 6:1 student/instructor ratio for babies between 12 months and 3 years. Your instructor will use happy songs and fun games that help your baby develop gross motor skills, improved self-esteem and water safety skills including controlled breathing, flotation, and water safety skills. This class facilitates the learning process through socialization and peer motivation.

PARENT & ME (12-36M)


This is a 30-minute class with a 3:1 student/instructor ratio. The primary goal of this class is teaching water safety, class structure and complete water comfort. Students will learn positive buoyancy and practice breath control to achieve comfort in an aquatic environment without the presence of a parent or caretaker in the water. This class teaches the necessary skills to progress to the Beginner program. (class enrollment expectation 4-8 weeks)


This is a 30 minute class, for beginners who have been in a pool before but are still learning the basics of swimming with a student/instructor ratio of 4:1. Children in this are gaining comfort in the water while learning body movement and breath control. Instructors will also impart vital safety skills which allow your child to practice their breath control for submersions and safety jumps. This class teaches the necessary skills, including independent back floats to progress to the Swimmers class. 

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30-minute class for students who already have solid breath control in addition to proper front and back floats with a student/instructor ratio of 4:1. Children in this class will focus on gaining muscle control and improving core strength for proper arm extension & kicking as well as independently rolling to their back to breathe. These skills will help in the development of elementary backstroke and early freestyle/safety crawl. This class teaches the necessary skills to progress to the Intermediate program.


30-minute with a student/instructor ratio of 4:1 for students who already have complete comfort with submersions, strong flotation and swimming posture for elementary backstroke, backstroke and freestyle/safety crawl. Students in this class are honing their independence in the water by improving their awareness and understanding of water and buoyancy, starting with underwater swimming, developing freestyle, backstroke, elementary backstroke and the early stages of butterfly. This process entails perfecting arms, breathing and stroke timing in association with head/body rotation and endurance.


30- minute advanced class with a student/instructor ratio of 4:1. This class is for students who already have a working knowledge of basic underwater swimming, freestyle, backstroke and at least some familiarity with butterfly. Students in this class will start to build endurance and spatial awareness in an effort to perfect freestyle and backstroke while continuing further work on butterfly and learning introductory breaststroke. Arm strokes become more efficient, and dives and streamlines are refined. 

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Swim Pros are proficient swimmers! They’re ready to master more difficult and advanced skills. If your child can swim freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke across the pool, she’s ready to learn butterfly and flip turns then Swim Pro is the right class. They’re on board to learn the additional technical and competitive elements to make them PreTeam ready!


1:1 Private lessons can be tailored to all ages and ability levels, from learn to swim through competitive lessons. Class availability is very limited, please check with your location about offerings. 


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